Saturday, 15 December 2007

A little slice of heaven

So, we've found it! A beautiful little property up North at Heathcote (between Bendigo and Seymour). I have contravened every law of buying real estate by falling in LOVE with this place the moment I saw it online. It's got just about everything we were looking for, although it's a little smaller than we had planned. This is made up for by the fact that it already has 2500 olive trees on it, comes with a machinery shed which houses a tractor, picking equipment, slasher, grader, generator, caravan etc and has a bore and two big dams. Oh, and a grain crop for a starter income. If we don't get this place (we're making the contract subject to getting a building permit for a house) I will seriously cry. The olive grove is looking a little neglected of late, however I'm sure that we can get it happening again. There is a little black scale on some of the trees, and they all need a good watering (we're also in the process of getting the bore water tested again as it hasn't been done since the start of the drought) but the prospects are good. And it's only 1.5hrs drive from Melbourne so we will actually be inclined to head up there on weekends until we can build and move permanently. No photos at this stage, but we're hoping to have it all sorted by the end of Jan, so I will post some then. I don't want to jinx us!